Black and Blue Prayers

By  •  2 weeks ago

Each year, I take a month off of social media, the majority of my email, and most of the Internet.  Suffice it to say, this has been a very difficult month to be offline. That’s why, only halfway through my time off, I decided to pop online to post this. My heart has been broken again […]


iFast 2016

By  •  1 month ago

A few weeks ago at Riv, I talked about the importance of recognizing the cycles and seasons of life so we can live in rhythm instead of pursuing the ever elusive “balance” people always talk about (a concept I stole liberally from Bruce Miller). July is an important part of my personal rhythm. For the seventh year in a […]


Let’s Get Angry At Sin (1:17)

By  •  1 month ago

There are times when we get angry about the small, negligible matters in our lives. But when we can be slow to anger about those things and divert our anger towards the bigger issues such as sin, we have an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This clip comes from the eleventh message in the […]

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