Noel is available to speak a limited number of times throughout the year and really appreciates you thinking of him for your event.

Here are a few things that are important to know:

Because of his responsibilities at Riverview, it is generally difficult for Noel to speak on weekends during the school year, although there are exceptions with enough notice.

It’s good to know Noel’s major theological beliefs and how they may affect his teaching at your event, so please review Riv’s statement of faith here.

As a general rule, Noel isn’t able to speak at youth events or camps. For the right event, he may be able to make it happen.

Noel doesn’t charge a specific fee for his speaking engagements and is happy to accept whatever honorarium your group prayerfully decides to offer. If you want help deciding on an amount, here’s an article that may help you think it through.

When possible, Noel prefers to travel with his wife or someone else from Riverview or Acts 29. While not a deal breaker, travel reimbursement that includes both Noel and this additional person is appreciated.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, feel free to email Noel’s assistant at jen.lilley[at]