In honor of #InternationalPodcastDay, here’s a list of some of my favorite podcasts in no particular order. I have a lot of podcasts on my phone, but these are the ones I make sure I listen to.


OK, I already lied. This first one is in a very particular order because Coverville is my favorite podcast by far. I’m a sucker for cover tunes and I have been listening to this podcast so long that I don’t even remember when I started. (Podcast Link)

99% Invisible

I love good design and this is a great podcast about good design. (Podcast Link)

The Happy Rant

Christian, sarcastic, sort-irreverent. What’s not to love? (Podcast Link)

On Preaching

H.B. Charles, Jr. is the man when it comes to preaching. His podcast gives a peek into why (and how) that’s the case. (Podcast Link)

Reply All

A podcast about the internet named after one of my least favorite internet things. (Podcast Link)

This Cultural Moment

This defunct podcast is an excellent primer on how to be a Christian in a post-Christian world. Super insightful, and I’m glad it hasn’t been taken offline even though it’s not being updated. (Podcast Link)

Truth’s Table

This is a podcast “built by black women for black women.” As a white man, I’m thankful I can eavesdrop on these super-smart, seminary educated ladies. (Podcast Link)

Honorable Mention: Recovering Hypocrite

I pretty much only listen to this one because I have to. (Podcast Link)