I’m still in shock from last night.

I hosted a little book launch party to celebrate the release of my first book. Lots of the “experts” I talked with told me to have low expectations because lots of people say they are coming to stuff like this and few people actually show up.  And even when people show up, they don’t buy books; they just come for the free bacon.

Well…the experts were wrong (except the bacon part…the bacon was gone in a flash).

Hundreds of people showed up last night and I signed books for nearly three hours non-stop.  But that’s not the part that blew my mind.

The shocking part was the number of people who were just as excited about my book as I am.  Again and again, people told me stories of how the messages of the book (which is really just the message of Riv) has been healing for their soul.  Others recalled times over the last nine years where I’ve talked about my desire to write a book and they were overjoyed with me.

All in all, last night felt like a cross between a family reunion and gospel launch pad.  Family and friends collided with local pastors and church members.  One couple even drove back from Indianapolis to hang out with us before turning around to drive home.

And the message I heard all night was loud and clear: everything in our souls longs for the freedom we already have in Jesus.

Everything in our souls longs for the freedom we already have in Jesus. #unchainedbook Click To Tweet

So thank you!  The support for this little project has been overwhelming and I am humbled.  I can’t wait to get this book into the hands of as many people as possible so the liberating power of the Gospel of Jesus can be proclaimed even more.

And don’t forget: the proceeds of any copies of my book that are purchased at Riverview will go directly into ministry at Riverview.  If you aren’t a local Lansingite, you can always grab one on Amazon or whatever local bookstore is near you.