What drives you to do “good things?” Is it a reward that you will receive at the end? Perhaps you have a duty or obligation to someone. Or maybe it’s an unfortunate fear of punishment that drives you to carry out a task. Whatever it may be, one thing we tend to do with our obedience to God’s decrees for us is that we tend to use reward, duty, or fear as motivational drives to do things for God. However, is that what Scripture tells use as reasons to obey God? We see in Scripture that Jesus desires for us to obey Him out of a love for Him. That it is through an understanding of love that was shown and given to us through the cross of Christ, we reciprocate that love back to Him and use it as the means to our obedience.


This clip comes from the 4th message in the series, Seated, originally given at Riverview Church. You can watch the entire message here.