Happy Friday. Here are five random links I found for you.

Why isn’t the world covered in poop?

You know you always wanted to know why the world isn’t covered in poop.

A Tale of Two Tomb Raiders: Sex and Objectification in the Action Franchise

“For a long time, the message out of Hollywood has been that to be tough and female is to also be hypersexual…But what if there was another way? What if, like men, women could be action heroes without our physical prowess being tethered to our sexual prowess?”

Matt Chandler: 4 Ways Christians Should Share Their Faith That Are Actually Effective

“In a time so confusing, so transient, so difficult, God is calling us to be bold and strong—to have courage. He will accomplish His purposes. He will carry out His mission. And He is inviting us to join Him.”

One of the world’s biggest companies found the secret to better meetings: a wooden box

This simple (and cheap) idea from a beer company can make your meetings much better.

6 Ways the Bible Changed My Perspective on Ethnic Diversity

Diversity is an important part of the Bible’s storyline.