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Politics and the Church

Four years ago, right after the Presidential Election, I finally talked about politics at Riv.  I figured today would be a good day to repost the clip. (YouTube Link)

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4 Minutes on Politics

With the first presidential debate over between Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, how should a Christian think about voting in the upcoming election? (YouTube Link)

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Tuesday Rewind: Christians and Politics

On some Tuesdays, I go back into the archives and dig up something that still relates today. Since today is the Michigan Primary Elections, I bring back some thoughts on a Christian response to politics.  Specifically, I address why I don't publicly endorse any political candidates. (YouTube Link)

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It’s Time to Pray

Well, yesterday's elections are over and done.  I suspect most of the votes have been tabulated and the winners have been announced.  I say "I suspect" because I am writing this at 1:44 EST Tuesday and I am post-dating it for tomorrow morning. The democratic nature of our country gives us the privilege to elect our leaders, which is a very cool thing. An ...

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