I have a love / hate relationship with the month of July. Let’s start with the hate.

It’s hot and humid. Gross.

But July has a huge upside because it’s the month I fast from Social Media and I can’t wait.

Here are the rules I am setting for myself for this year’s fast:

  1. No social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) with the exception of snapping with my family a bit because that’s not a drain for me at all. If I find myself tempted to snap anyone else (I’m looking at you, Jimmy), I’ll just delete the app from my phone. But I think I should be good.
  2. No news apps. Reading the news has been a discouraging drain the last year and an all too often source of meaningless distraction. I’ll get my news from Spotify.
  3. No YouTube.
  4. No blogs (reading or writing).

This is the stuff I have every intention of doing instead:

  1. Reading some of the growing pile of books I accumulated this year, including some fun reading.
  2. Watching a ton of baseball.
  3. Vacation.
  4. Staring at my yard.
  5. Writing some messages for the fall (I’m excited to dive back into Romans and wrapping it up).

So…that’s it. Enjoy your July…I know I’m gonna enjoy mine.