A few weeks ago, I taught a message at Riv about rhythms of work and rest. A couple days after preaching this message, I was riding in the car with my wife and I realized it was almost July. This may mean nothing to you, but for me that means an important month in my personal rhythm was right around the corner: my annual social media fast.

To be honest, I had totally forgotten about this whole thing. Last summer, I took a three month sabbatical that included a break from social media so the idea of a dedicated break like this slipped my mind.

To be even more honest, that moment in the car felt like a big exhale to me. I hadn’t realized how much of a weight and distraction social media had become for me until I reflected on the prospect of stepping away for a bit.

I’m gonna take the month of July off of social media and I can’t wait.

Here are the rules I am setting for myself:

  1. No social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) with the exception of snapping with my family a bit because that’s not a drain for me at all. If I find myself tempted to snap anyone else, I’ll just delete the app from my phone. But I think I should be good.
  2. No news apps. I am finding reading the news to be a discouraging drain and an all too often source of meaningless distraction. I’m liking the Spotify “Daily Drive” news bits so I’ll keep that going.
  3. No YouTube.
  4. No blogs (reading or writing).

This is the stuff I have every intention of doing instead:

  1. Reading some of the growing pile of books I accumulated this year, including some fun reading.
  2. Watching a ton of baseball.
  3. Vacation.
  4. Hitting a church planting conference.
  5. Writing (I have a new book idea I’m psyched out of my mind about…).
  6. Staring at my yard.
  7. Writing some messages for the fall (I’m even more psyched about a series I am launching in September).

So…that’s it. Enjoy your July…I know I’m gonna enjoy mine.