Happy Friday. Here are five random links I found for you.

Why Mister Rogers (Still) Matters

The appeal of Mr. Rogers was “earned reassurance—the reassurance of one who is a diplomat from the world of grown-ups.”

How to Wait for the Lord when Life Feels Like Garbage 

“We know God is faithful. We know that he’s good and the loves us. But it’s so excruciatingly hard to wait for the Lord to act. To move. To deliver. To rescue.”

The Day I Discovered an African American Theologian

I recently picked up this book. Can’t wait to dive in.

Men, Bear the Burden Day after Day

“Forget what you have been told by the world that you deserve better and that it is supposed to be easier. Stop complaining about your lot in life and the cards you have been dealt. Your life is no worse than any other man’s.”

The World Is Better Than Ever. Why Are We Miserable?

Interesting read from an atheist about our culture’s changing views on freedom.

“For most of the Ancients, freedom was freedom from our natural desires and material needs. It rested on a mastery of these deep, natural urges in favor of self-control, restraint, and education into virtue.”