Happy Friday! Here are five random links I found for you.                 Photo from http://www.lifegrid.com.au

3 Ways I Plan to Read the Bible Less in 2018

Sometimes less is more. Maybe this would be a good year to get more out of the Bible by reading less of it.

A new study shows that men actually do get sicker than women

As it turns out, the Man-Flu is a real thing.

Morality Renovations vs Law’s Demolition

“As sinners, we tend to get stuck on the belief that God is pleased with the ‘short cuts’ we come up with to fix ourselves. We are addicted to the flavor of this juicy, self-salvific narrative we’ve created which says the Christian life is supposed to be a DIY renovation project of virtue.” – Sarah Taras

We’re Better Than This (and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves)

“There is no salvation in the Republican or Democratic parties. There is no savior on any ballot. Political power is as fleeting and corrosive as it as always been.”

How to Be Happy This Year (Hint: It’s Not Complicated)

“We tend to overcomplicate and over-spiritualize this whole happiness business. It’s relatively straightforward.”