I often read books and think “I should review this book,” which really means I just want to tell people something about the book. Of course, taking the time to properly review a book takes away from my reading time and makes me read differently. So this year, I’ve decided to post mini-“reviews” of books I am reading and not try to do a full blown anything.

Without further ado, here’s my first short review and it makes sense to start here because it’s a super short book. I knocked it out in one setting last night.

Jesus Wins by Dayton Hartman is the end times book I have been looking for. It’s short, it doesn’t try to pick fights, and it clearly and fairly describes the main players and viewpoints in the whole “end of the world” discussion. Hartman keeps the main thing the main thing and lets the reader pick a team.

My favorite quote:

“When we make secondary issues (like the timing and precise details of the end of days) primary issues, we make primary issues (such as church membership and fellowship with the saints) into secondary issues.”

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