I am officially back from my 2016 Social Media / Internet fast and, wow, what a month!

  • I watched my boys play (at least) 34 baseball games.
  • I celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday party.
  • I joined roughly 600 church planters in Los Angeles to talk about and pray for revival in our churches.  While I was there, I met with church planters from around the US Midwest to talk specifically about next steps in our neck of the woods (including this conference at Riv).
  • I performed a bittersweet funeral for someone who just recently gave their life to Christ.
  • I met with some of the leaders of Reliant Mission to think through how to reach more people for Jesus.
  • I spoke at a conference in upstate New York (and got to visit my daughter who is out there for the summer).
  • I read several books I really liked and a couple that were OK.
  • My book popped up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for pre-sale.  I hope it’s better than OK.
  • And right now I am in New Mexico where my son is pitching for the AABC World Series.

While I was busy doing that a lot happened in the rest of the world–including way too many brutal attacks targeting way too many people groups (I broke my fast for this one), a couple political conventions, and Pokemon Go (what the heck?).

Usually, I am tentative to step back online but this year I am excited to dive back into the connected world.  I’ve already made a few tweaks to this blog (and this Friday will be bringing back an often requested old favorite).

I’m also launching a new series on engaging the culture around us this weekend at Riv.

Come find me at a service and tell me about your July!

Photo Credit – Me :)