There’s a story told about William Gladstone, a Prime Minister of England in the 19th century, who had a conversation with a young man about his life’s accomplishments and future plans. After a series of exchanges, the conversation ended with Gladstone asking the young man, “What will you do after you die?”

The young man responded, “I never thought any further than that, sir.” Looking at the young man sternly, Gladstone replied, “Young man, you are a fool. Go home and think life through!”

What Prime Minister Gladstone was trying to get at was that this world is a blip in the scope of all eternity.

But that doesn’t mean what we do here on earth doesn’t matter. It does.

What we do here affects there.

This clip comes from the third message in the series, Joy Happens, originally given at Riverview Church.  You can watch the entire message here.