Happy Friday. Here are five random links I found for you.

Task interrupted: A plan for returning helps you move on 

“Taking a minute when interrupted to create a “ready-to-resume” plan can help you disengage and move on.”

Breaking News: Science Disproves the Bible

“Science and scientists serve a valuable role in our culture. But we do a disservice, both to them and to our own intellectual responsibilities, when we attach an authority to them beyond their discipline.”

Your smartphone📱is making you👈 stupid, antisocial 🙅 and unhealthy 😷. So why can’t you put it down❔⁉️

“Smartphones are causing real damage to our minds and relationships, measurable in seconds shaved off the average attention span, reduced brain power, declines in work-life balance and hours less of family time.”

This Intricate Marble Run Synced To Tchaikovsky Is Astounding


Candide Thovex – quattro 2

It’s been about a year since I’ve posted a Candide Thovex skiing video. This time there isn’t a drop of snow in the whole thing.