To say I recommend the Gospel of John to people would be an understatement.

When one of my non-Christian friends asks, “what book of the Bible should I read to learn more about Jesus?” I say, “John.”

When a new Christian wants to know more about their new faith, I encourage them to read John.

When someone has been a Christian for a long time and things are feeling a bit stale, you guessed it: I recommend John.

One commentator wrote that this book is like a pool of water with edges shallow enough for a child to play in and deep enough in the center to sink an elephant.¬† That’s why I am so excited to launch into a new series next weekend on the Gospel of John: there’s something in it for everyone.

So that’s my pitch!¬† Join me this weekend at any of Riv’s 4 venues as we launch into this fantastic book and take time to consider the Jesus on its pages.