We’ve all been there.

Someone does something to us that we consider hurtful. Sometimes they know they hurt us (and the depth of the hurt) and sometimes they don’t.

In that moment (and in the critical moments that follow) we have a bunch of decisions to make that can set the relationship into a tailspin or a gospel trajectory.  A number of years ago, I was whiteboarding various passages in the Bible that deal with these sorts of things and I put together a little flowchart to try to help people think them through.

In a little bit, I am going to give you the flowchart, but first I want to give you a big ole warning: [highlight color=”yellow” text_color=”” background_color=”” background_opacity=”1.00″]this flowchart is WAY too simplistic[/highlight]. I once heard a pastor say there are more than twenty different types of offenses and conflicts in the New Testament and this isn’t going to nail every single nuance.

But I still think it might help.

So, without further ado, I give you the “How to deal with someone who has sinned against you flowchart.”  (Click on the thumbnail to download the PDF).

By the way, if it would be helpful to hear me teach through this thing, check out the message I gave this summer at Riv by clicking here.

Tim Mossholder