Here are some interesting articles I found this week.

Why is There More Domestic Violence Against Women in Liberal, Secular Countries?

A recent study showed that the more secular a society is, the more domestic violence there is.

‘Who Are You Sleeping With?’ A Conversation with Timothy Keller

Is “who are you sleeping with?” the most important question to ask when talking about spiritual revival? Tim Keller thinks so.

Did Martin Luther encourage sin?

Did Martin Luther encourage sin? Short answer: no. Long answer: well, it’s better to hear the venerable Steve Brown answer that question.

The Transgender Issue and Our Misplaced Fear

Should Christians panic because of the normalization of transgenderism in our culture? Nope. In fact, if we do, it may undercut our ability to represent for Jesus.

F-Bombs and Bikinis: What It Really Means to Be a “Christian”

“You cannot sanitize grace. You can’t stuff it into a blue blazer and make it wear khakis. Grace is messy, offensive, and it sometimes misses church. To expect God to pump prefabricated plastic moral people out of a religious factory is to neuter grace and chain it inside a gated community. If God’s scandalous relationship with 12 thugs means anything, then we should expect a variegated spectrum of righteousness to be patient – or repentant – when such sanctification doesn’t meet our expectations. God meets us in our mess and pushes holiness out the other side.”