Exploring the relentless grace of God directed at jacked-up people who don’t deserve it one bit.









Bonus Episode | Noel talks about his new book Wretched Saints

Noel’s new book Wretched Saints releases on February 1, 2019. In this short bonus episode, he talks about the process of writing this book during a uniquely challenging season in his life.


The Rapper and the Professor | A Conversation with Thomas Terry and Ryan Lister

Thomas Terry (Odd Thomas from Beautiful Eulogy) and Ryan Lister (Associate Professor of Theology at Western Seminary) join Noel to discuss the unique challenges of discipling artists in the church and how to help Creatives think more theologically and Theologians think more creatively.

Pardoxical Preacher of Grace | A conversation with Pastor Joel Virgo

In this episode, Noel picks up a conversation he started with his friend Joel Virgo in an English pub a couple months ago. They talk about how the fear of God and the enjoyment of Him as Father go hand in hand, how God is never more awesome than he is in his mercy, and how our freedom in Christ can sometimes make us beat ourselves up when we inevitably sin.

Sparkly Shepherd of Teenage Girls | A conversation with Emma Heikkinen

Noel sits down with the sparkly female version of himself, his 21 year old daughter Emma. Emma is a children’s curriculum writer, a professional writing major about to graduate from Michigan State University (anyone hiring?), and a lover of kids (especially middle school girls). Noel and Emma talk about how middle school sucks for everyone, law and gospel in parenting, and the crazy and beautiful example of the gospel shown by teenage girls who show their parents grace (yeah, you read that right).

Professional Purveyor of Grace | A conversation with David Zahl

On this episode, Noel sits down with David Zahl, director of Mockingbird for a wide ranging conversation about grace. They discuss the less than biblical (but paradoxically biblical) term “fallen from grace,” guilty pleasure music (like Meat Loaf and Barry Manilow), and the gospel according to Rachel DenHollander.


Evangelist for Nomal People | A conversation with Harvey Turner

Harvey Turner, pastor of Living Stones Church in Reno, Nevada and author of Friend of Sinners joins Noel on the debut episode to nerd out on Martin Luther, low anthropology, and talking to people about Jesus without being a weirdo.

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Podcast Preview

I have been kicking around the idea of launching a podcast for quite some time but I have been resisting the idea because, well, I just didn’t want one more thing to do. But I couldn’t shake the idea and I have decided to give it a whirl. I’m going to do one season of the podcast this fall (starting on October 31, 2018) and if things seem to go well, I will continue doing it.