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Merely Talking

"In all hard work there is profit, but merely talking about it only brings poverty." Proverbs 14:23 (NET) "Merely talking about it." Solomon could have been talking about Twitter or Facebook status updates. In fact, his verse would easily fit in the 140 characters of a Tweet. Do we spend more time talking about the stuff we have to do / the stuff we ...

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Work and Recession: To those of us who have jobs

With the current economic crisis affecting the auto industry, it seems like more and more the spotlight is pointing to Lansing. A pastor friend of mine in Florida shot me an email the other day. It read simply: Every time I hear about the 'woes of Michigan' I say a prayer for you:) Hope all is well with the family and church. On a daily basis I am talking about ...

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“Good works and paying the bills”

This is the title of an article I was interviewed for by the AP: With recession threatening donations, churches balance good works, paying the bills. It's quite ironic because I am in a series at Riv where "Good Works" and "Giving" are both topics. It's a great article (and they interviewed my friends Devin Hudson and Dave Travis as well). Here's a bit ...

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