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Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of Thanksgiving (and the beginning of the Christmas season), check out the best Christmas ad I have seen in quite awhile.

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Great Money Questions

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the first Saturday Night worship service ever at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  During the message, Mark Driscoll shared eight questions every Christian should ask themselves about money.  I thought they were excellent and thought I'd repost them here: 1. To whom do you compare yourself financially?  Specifically, ...

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Money – God or Gift?

This weekend at Riv, we passed out over a thousand copies of Jamie Munson's new book Money - God or Gift.  The books were a gift from a handful of businessmen and women who help us make business related decisions by serving on our Stewardship Team. Jamie does a great job in this book addressing money in a very Biblical, yet easily readable fashion.  The book ...

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Why I’m not getting an iPhone4…yet.

The iPhone 4 officially hits stores today and I've been getting the same question a lot lately: Are you getting the new iPhone?I figured I'd just go ahead and throw my answer up here. No, I'm not getting it...yet. Now I know this may kill my reputation as an Apple Fanboy, but here are the reasons I am waiting: I need to combat materialism in my life. If I were ...

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Poverty Gospel

Yesterday, I posted a clip from John Piper about the "Prosperity Gospel." This is a theology that is gaining steam in many parts of the world, but quite honestly I don't run into too many people around these parts who buy into it. It seems we deal more with the other extreme, which is also dangerous: "Poverty Gospel." This is the school of thought that says ...

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Prosperity Gospel

There are two equally dangerous traps followers of Jesus can fall into when it comes to our material things. The first is the "Prosperity Gospel." This trap says you will be materially blessed if you are in "right relationship with Jesus." In other words, sanctification comes with bling, an Escalade with rims, and a Chinchilla jacket. I was going to write ...

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