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Friday Random Linkness – Halloween Edition

Cutest Father / Baby Costume Ever. Awesomest Pumpkin Carving Ever. Hardest to walk in Costume Ever. Geekiest 8-Bit Halloween Costume Ever. Smartest Halloween Protection for your car Ever. Most Extreme Pumpkin Growing Ever. Best Halloween Theory Ever. You have probably already seen this one, but here's the most Lightastic Halloween Light ...

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Five years ago, I posted this article on my site and I figured since it was Halloween week, I'd throw it back up here for y'all.  Enjoy. So, I was reading a friend's site, and came across this post: Halloween. The holiday that celebrates witches, warlocks, magic, etc... When I was a kid, I was taught that Halloween was evil. Even in my days away from the ...

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It seems like the topic of modesty has popped up several times recently in conversation. I also mentioned it in passing a couple weekend's ago at Riv. Then, I stumbled onto this post on Pete Wilson's blog referencing a "Modesty Survey" which interviewed a bunch of people about what is modest in women's clothing.  I suspect the author of the study (which is a ...

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Pumpkin Seeds

//MOOD: Hungry //PODCAST: Coverville-051030-Tricks and Treats for your Halloween from the album "Coverville" by Brian Ibbott It has been requested (by Will) that I share my recipe for pumpkin seeds with the world. Well, I am bit of a Pumpkin Seed Purist. I don't like anything to get in the way of their lovely taste. My recipe, therefore, is ...

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