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Boxing Day

What the heck is Boxing Day? As Americans, we think of it as some sort of quirky Canadian holiday. But what if we reimagined it as a way of thinking generously about the Thanksgiving and Christmas season? (YouTube Link)

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Money Question #4 – Giving while in Debt

Last week, I began to answer common questions about our series on generosity at Riv.  Today we pick up with another very popular one: Today's Question: Should I give even if I am in debt or should I work to get out of debt first? This is a question that I get from time to time.  Typically, it is from people who have decided that they need to take aggressive ...

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Money Question #2 – Spousal Disagreement

This week (and probably next week), I'll be answering common questions I am receiving about Riv's series on generosity. Today's Question: What do I do if my spouse thinks differently about how much money we should give away? Since opposites attract, it is no big surprise that a husband and wife often approach the issue of money differently.  The way they were ...

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Money Question #1 – Anonymity in Giving

The series on generosity we are currently in at Riv is generating a lot of very good questions.  I want to make sure everyone has a chance to hear them (as well as my attempt at answers).  So, this week I am going to answer the most common questions I am getting. Today's Question: "Why are you using examples from your own life (and the lives of others), aren't ...

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Money – God or Gift?

This weekend at Riv, we passed out over a thousand copies of Jamie Munson's new book Money - God or Gift.  The books were a gift from a handful of businessmen and women who help us make business related decisions by serving on our Stewardship Team. Jamie does a great job in this book addressing money in a very Biblical, yet easily readable fashion.  The book ...

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