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Boxing Day

What the heck is Boxing Day? As Americans, we think of it as some sort of quirky Canadian holiday. But what if we reimagined it as a way of thinking generously about the Thanksgiving and Christmas season? (YouTube Link)

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4 Minutes on Xmas

People ask me a lot of questions.  Some are personal in nature, some are theological, some are related to whatever I am teaching on at Riv.  Many of these questions are "repeats."  They are questions I get again and again.  Because of this, I try to dedicate time on my blog to answering these questions but find I prefer to answer them verbally, rather than in ...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of Thanksgiving (and the beginning of the Christmas season), check out the best Christmas ad I have seen in quite awhile.

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Christmas Eve Virtual Narration

On Christmas Eve, Riv will be holding Christmas Eve Services and we need your help! We are looking for a whole bunch of people to help read Scripture for the service.  The cool part is you don't even need to be here...you just need to have a computer with a webcam. Here's how it is going to work: 1. I will assign you a passage of Scripture to read 2. ...

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