Can we just admit we are jacked-up?

Feels good to get that off your chest, doesn’t it? As the Chief Recovering Hypocrite around these parts, I want people to experience more of that. That’s why I started this podcast. Having been a pastor for nearly two decades, I’ve seen my fair share of sin out there (and in here, for that matter) and I want to talk about it.

Every other week (usually), I sit in front of a microphone by myself or with a guest to talk about the relentless grace of God directed at jacked-up people who don’t deserve it one bit.


Harvey Turner (Evangelist for Normal People)

Harvey Turner, pastor of Living Stones Church in Reno, Nevada and author of Friend of Sinners joins Noel on the debut episode to nerd out on Martin Luther, low anthropology, and talking to people about Jesus without being a weirdo.