Happy Friday, here are five new links I have found for you.

God, the Gospel, and Glenn Beck

“Too often, and for too long, American “Christianity” has been a political agenda in search of a gospel useful enough to accommodate it. There is a liberation theology of the Left, and there is also a liberation theology of the Right, and both are at heart mammon worship. The liberation theology of the Left often wants a Barabbas, to fight off the oppressors as though our ultimate problem were the reign of Rome and not the reign of death. The liberation theology of the Right wants a golden calf, to represent religion and to remind us of all the economic security we had in Egypt. Both want a Caesar or a Pharaoh, not a Messiah.”

Waiting to Die

“So many times we see our suffering through the lens of Job and not Lazarus.”

Land of 10,000 stories: Bruno of Longville

As much as I know I’ll be mocked for saying it, this is a cool dog.

Kayla Mueller in Captivity: Courage, Selflessness as She Defended Christian Faith to ISIS Executioner ‘Jihadi John’

Kayla Mueller shared the Gospel with her ISIS captors.

Our parents discovered leisure. We killed it.