To be honest, it feels a tad self-promoty to make a big deal out of this, but I am super excited about the book and I want tons of people to read it so I’m going for it anyway. The reason I wrote this book was because I really want people to experience the truth that Jesus has set us free. Too many Christians live as if massive chains have bound up their souls and too many non-Christians are turned off by a religion they perceive as restrictive and oppressive.

Too many Christians live as if massive chains have bound up their souls. Click To Tweet

It’s like we have forgotten that Jesus told us his yoke is easy and his burden is light (Matthew 11:30).

If you are so inclined to help me get this message out, here are four ways you can help me out this month:

Come to the Bacon and Book Launch Party

I am hosting a book launch party to celebrate at Riverview’s Holt Venue on February 3 from 7:00-10:00pm. I will provide the bacon (and some other less important snacks) and take a little time each hour to talk for a few minutes about why I wrote the book. If you are planning on attending, please RSVP on Facebook.

Buy Unchained at Riv

Riverview will have the book for sale at the Info Center at all of our venues. I’m not taking any additional revenue sharing from books sold at Riv and the proceeds will go to support the ministry Riverview is doing.

Pre-Order Unchained

All pre-orders of the book count toward the first week’s numbers which help retailers decide to take a risk on stocking more copies.  If you are planning on reading it and don’t plan on getting a copy at my book launch party or at Riv, this is a great way to help me out. There are lots of places to buy the book online, but the best deals right now are at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and (of all places) Target.  If for some crazy reason, you want to buy 25 or more copies, contact Tara ( ) and she will get you a crazy good price with free shipping).

Tell Someone About Unchained

Over the course of this month, I am going to be posting some quotes from the book and a few videos we are putting together on social media. A retweet, like, or post of your own would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for everything. A lot of people have supported my writing for more years than I care to count and I am excited to finally get this book into the world.