Sola Conference is coming to Lansing!

Posted on April 30, 2013

Last year, my friend Kevin DeYoung (from University Reformed Church in East Lansing) and I began to brainstorm about what it would take to turn up the temperature of the Gospel in the state of Michigan.  One of the ideas we had was to invite 5 world class preachers to join us for a two day conference in the heart of downtown Lansing.

We picked up the phone and called the first 5 guys we thought of and they all said “yes.”

That was the genesis of a conference we are hosting together December 6-7, 2013 called Sola.  We are building this conference around the “5 Solas” of the Reformation:

We are Saved by Grace Alone,

Through Faith Alone,

In Christ Alone,

For the Glory of God Alone,

Standing on the Word of God Alone.

We intentionally scheduled this conference for a Friday Afternoon – Saturday Evening so most people only have to miss a day or so of work to attend.  This isn’t a conference for pastors or “professional Christians” (although they are certainly invited).  This is a conference for every man and woman in Michigan who wants to be a part of bringing the Gospel to our great state.

Here is the speaking lineup (click on their name for a short preaching sample):

John Piper


Matt Chandler


Al Mohler


Leonce Crump


Stephen Um


Kevin DeYoung


Noel Heikkinen

NoelHeikkinen2 (1)

Sorry about the last guy.

Oh, and yes, we are hosting the conference in Michigan in December.  Yes, that means there might be snow.  But, hey, we are Michiganders.  We can take it.

You can find out more about the conference or register at

The first 100 people to register get in for only $20.

(That’s like getting each session for $2.85 and getting the music for free.)