Code of Conduct

Posted on February 4, 2013

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We continued our series on Galatians at Riv this past weekend and considered this simple statement:

What we believe determines our conduct.

When we believe we are under the law, we try and try and try to make ourselves better and get more and more worn out and discouraged.  As Tim Keller has written,

“Attempting to be saved by works will lead to profound anxiety and insecurity, because you can never be sure that you are living up to your standards sufficiently, whatever they may be.  This makes you over-sensitive to criticism, envious and intimidated by others who outshine you.  It makes you nervous and timid (because you are unsure of where you stand).  Either way, you live with a sense of curse and condemnation.”

When we place our faith in Jesus and believe in him, we are no longer under the law.  That belief frees us to live a new life, not motivated by performance or guilt but by joy and thankfulness.

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